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Book Boyfriends Cafe Blog Hop Hot Friday


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Welcome to my Book Boyfriends Cafe Blog Hop Hot Friday post which includes a sexual tension scene between characters in one of my novels.

I've selected the following scene from my contemporary novel If You Only Knew.

Here goes:

“Need a hand with anything?”
            Faith turned to see Matt walking into the kitchen of Zane’s cottage, pushing the door closed behind him.
            “Thanks, but I think I can manage topping up my apple juice.”
            “OK. Need a hand with anything else?”
He was standing next to her, a little too close for her liking.
            “Such as?”
            Matt shrugged.
“Whatever you might want a hand with. You know, I’m amazed he let you out of his clutches long enough for you to escape to the kitchen to get another drink.”
They were having a Games Night at Zane’s cottage. Emily and Matt, Dave and Sophie and herself and Zane were enjoying a game of Trivial Pursuit over nibbles and drinks.
“Meaning?” she asked, topping up her glass.
Matt leaned against the counter and lazily stretched his arms above his head.
“Meaning Zane really can’t keep his hands off you, can he? It’s almost as though he thinks if he lets you out of his arms you might be tempted by somebody else.”
“And that someone else would be you, would it?” Faith asked as she closed the fridge. There was more than a hint of sarcasm in her voice.
“It could well be. Look, if you do fancy a change, you know I’m more than open to the idea. You could come round to my cottage and nobody would be any the wiser. I’m just outside town, so people wouldn’t see you. And of course I wouldn’t breathe a word of it to Zane. It would be our little secret.”
Faith sighed.
“Don’t you ever give up? You’re with Emily. I’m with Zane.”
“So?” Matt laughed. “Emily and I are just having some fun, nothing serious. What do you say?”
“I say you’re still as crazy as ever.” Faith stepped away from him.
“And you didn’t answer my question. How about it?”
“I’m not interested. I’m with Zane and I’m committed to him and our relationship.”
“Zane, yeah. I know all about you two and your hot lunchtime sex. He must be good to persuade you away from your cafĂ© during the lunchtime rush.”
“He told you?”
Faith pressed her lips tightly together.  She didn’t think Zane was the type to go back to work bragging about what he’d been up to. If he had done, she’d be furious with him.
Matt shook his head.
“No. He didn’t need to. I saw the nail marks on his back when he got changed in the locker-room. Quite the tigress these days aren’t you?”
Faith looked nervously at the closed door. Matt was clearly in one of his trouble-causing moods.
“What happened to that innocent little Faith I knew all those years ago eh? Then again, perhaps my memory is playing tricks on me after all this time. You wouldn’t have sex with me, but now I think about it properly I seem to recall things did get pretty hot between us on many an occasion. Do you remember that night at uni when I bribed my roommate to stay out all night? We’re both more experienced these days and I bet we could be really amazing together now. We could go all the way this time. You know Zane and I are both competitive, I can’t help wondering if I’m better than him. Nah, scrub that, I know I’m better than him. Want to find out?”
“Are you completely insane? I told you. You’re with Emily. I’m with Zane. Can’t you understand that?”
Matt lifted a hand and gently caressed her shoulder. Faith jerked her arm out of the way and glared at him.
“You were my girlfriend first.”
“That was a very long time ago. And we were a disaster, because you found it impossible to be faithful. It seems you still do.”
“What if you hadn’t met Zane eh? Would you be tempted to give the two of us another go? See if we could recapture some of that magic between us from years ago? I’m just saying, if you want to, as the saying goes, scratch my back I’m more than happy to scratch yours.”
“Never going to happen,” she replied vehemently.
Matt grinned at her confidently.
“Don’t be so sure.”
“I am sure. I told you I’m with Zane. I wouldn’t cheat on him.”
Matt shook his head, an incredulous expression on his face.
“What?” Faith demanded. “What’s that look about?”
“Have you ever thought Zane might not be the Mister Wonderful you think he is?”
Faith watched him closely, trying to work out what he was up to.
“I’m just saying. Be careful, that’s all.”
“I’m getting back to the game and I think you should too.”
She shot him a disparaging stare.
“Right. Of course. Any second now Zane will have figured out I haven’t gone to the loo like I said and that I’m in here with you and he’ll be in like a shot to check what we’re up to.”
            No sooner were the words out than the door opened and Zane strode into the room.
Faith jumped away from Matt, who gave her a told-you-so smirk and took a swig from his lager bottle.   
            “Everything OK in here?”
Zane’s voice was expressionless, but the look he was giving them was filled with suspicion.
            “Yeah, mate. Everything is just great. Faith and I were just chatting about old times.”
Matt slapped Zane on the shoulder as he walked past on his way back to the lounge.
            “What were you guys doing in here with the door shut?” There was a cold edge to Zane’s voice.
            “Getting some more drinks.”
She felt guilty, even though it had been Matt doing the flirting and she hadn’t reciprocated at all.
            “Coming back through?” he asked.
“In a minute.”
She reached for Zane’s hand and pulled him towards her. She thought he looked worried and wanted to do something to reassure him.
“First I want to kiss you.”

About the book:


Keeping secrets is asking for trouble.
Faith isn't looking for love. Not anymore. So why is she so intrigued by Zane and his secrets?
Zane, the new co-owner of the Carrdale Extreme Sports Centre, has put everything into his business. He doesn't have the time, or the heart, for relationships.
When Faith and Zane meet there’s a spark they’re both struggling to ignore. Are they each prepared to take the risk and allow themselves to get involved?
Then Matt arrives in town to complicate things even further.
Matt is Zane’s business partner and his best friend.
He’s also Faith’s first love.
With Zane keeping secrets and Matt up to no good Faith’s reminded why letting a man into her life is asking for trouble.
But what if one of them turns out to be the love of her life?

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