Thursday, 24 March 2016

The Hidden Meaning Of Flowers

I'm always intrigued by things having hidden meanings and I love the idea of flowers having a recognised language all of their own.

As well as looking pretty and smelling gorgeous the types of flowers you choose to give as gifts or pop in a vase on your dining room table have, according to folklore, secret meanings...

Sending someone the 'wrong' type of flower or a bloom in an appropriate colour was once considered a major faux pas.

So, if you fancy learning the language of flowers here's a little translation:

* White flowers symbolise protection and purification
* Pink  relates to friendship and affection
* Red - not surprising these are associated with passion, sex, lust and love
* Yellow is connected to wisdom
* Orange flowers are linked with success and vitality
* Blue flowers are all about healing and peace


So, that's an idea of colours and their traditional associations, now, let's get specific, with flower types....

* Carnations - energy and healing
* Violet- love and protection
* Daffodil - fertility and love
* Sweet peas - friendship
* Daisy - love (remember making daisy chains and the rhyme about he loves, he loves me not, as you pick off the petals?)

* Rose - love (of course!)
* Larkspur/delphinium - health and protection
* Poppy - luck and prosperity
* Calendula - strength and healing
* Chrysanthemums - protection

Fascinating, don't you think?

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