Friday, 19 June 2015

Herbal Help For Love

Herbs don’t just look pretty in the garden or taste good in cooking – stretching back many centuries herbs have also had many other uses from combating ailments and calming the mind to attracting love.

Three herbs with long standing associations when it comes to finding and keeping love are:

Rosemary is a common herb, popular in gardens and the kitchen but did you know rosemary used to feature strongly on wedding days? Traditionally the bride had sprigs of rosemary tucked into her bouquet and the groom wore a sprig of the herb as an early form of the modern day buttonhole flower. Rosemary was also given as a wedding favour to guests – small bunches of the herb, hand tied with gold ribbon, were handed out to bestow love and remembrance.

Herbal folklore recommends wearing a sprig of thyme in your hair as it is supposed to make you irresistible to the opposite sex! Try this at your own peril though because bees are also attracted to thyme!

Another kitchen and garden staple, marjoram was linked to the goddess Aphrodite – better known as the Goddess of Love. It was said to have grown in her garden on Mount Olympus in Greece. Legend tells us marjoram was included in the garlands used to bless the happy couples on their weddings days.  The herb is linked to long-term love and enduring relationships and its scent is claimed to bestow happiness.

Try A Love Spell…
According to tradition if a ‘maiden’ wants to see a vision in her dreams of her future husband then she should put a sprig of thyme in one of her shoes and a sprig of rosemary in the other. Then she should lightly sprinkle the shoes with water three times and place them by the side of her bed, say a prayer and fall asleep. Apparently it’s even better if you can time it right to do this love spell on a night with a full moon!

In my contemporary novel How Do You Spell Love? one of the characters called Summer uses herbs, crystals and essential oils to cast all variety of spells to help people...


Modern day witch Summer needs to figure out why her long-term boyfriend’s become so distant. 

Her best friend Kat is battling to forget about her ex and sort her life out. 

Things are complicated enough for both of them - but then Summer meets Tom, and Kat meets Alex. 
Tom is the town’s building planning officer and the environmental enemy as far as green-living Summer is concerned. 

Architect Alex is in charge of the controversial new housing development that Kat and all the locals have been campaigning against. 

Will the girls be tempted to fraternise with the enemy? Can they allow themselves to get involved with the men responsible for destroying the town’s beautiful meadows by building executive homes on them? And if they do, will they be brave enough to admit it to each other? 

In desperation Summer decides to breaks the rules and call on her magical powers for help but she might just have made matters even worse… Is everything falling apart or does life (and magic) work in mysterious ways?  

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