Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Diary of A Dog Owner - Week 1

We've had Labrador dogs in our lives for well over ten years now and consider them part of our family. Which goes a long way towards why my hubbie and I are so worried and nervous at the moment - we might be adding to that family, if only temporarily!

Our 'pack' consists of Meg (age 8), Moss (age 5), Cassie (age 3 and a half) and Ruby (10 months). Sadly, Toby (who would have been 10) passed away back in September 2014. Anyway, I digress, back to family matters... we mated Cassie with a dog called Rick (he has a posh kennel name but goes by the name Rick to his friends) almost a month ago and this Friday is D-day or should that be P-day (puppy day) because that's the day we'll take her to be scanned and find out if she'll be having puppies or not.

We've never mated any our of dogs before so this is virgin (excuse the pun) territory - and all exciting but scary at the same time too. We think Cassie probably is in pup because she is behaving differently and our other dogs keep sniffing her as though she smells different. If Cass is expecting then some of the pups are already spoken for with excellent homes lined up, but I suspect we'll grow very attached to the little labs during the 8 weeks we'll be looking after them until they go off to their new homes - will we be tempted to keep one for ourselves?

I'll update you after Friday with the news on whether Cassie is about to become a mum or not and if so how many pups the vet thinks she is expecting - ahh, much nervous gnawing of finger nails in the meantime...

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  1. My Update:
    Cassie has had her scan and been confirmed as in pup. The scan showed 8 - possibly 9 - puppies. Boy are we going to be busy for the next few months! Should be great fun too though.


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