Tuesday 12 May 2015

#ChickLitMay - What's On Page 45? AND THE EARTH MOVED

Well hello there! Welcome to my What's On Page 45? post as part of this week's chicklit celebrations.

On page 45 of my chicklit mystery novel And The Earth Moved local barmaid and newspaper admin assistant Amber has got herself caught up in a whole lot of trouble in the shape of a murder investigation.

The murder victim is the troublemaker brother of her ex-boyfriend Ennis. 

Amber and Ennis used to date years ago when they were at university  and he was just a regular guy but now Ennis is a famous heartthrob actor with adoring fans all over the globe - oh and he's constantly being harassed by the world's media. 

Having called in the experts from the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency (otherwise known as the CCIA) to catch the killer as quickly and discreetly as possible, Ennis finds himself struggling to trust the special agent assigned to his brother's murder investigation, so he pleads with Amber to help him out by shadowing sexy special agent Charlie Huxton.

Amber's convinced the idea is crazy and that there's no way she can keep tabs on Charlie without him realising what she's doing - and there's no way he'll agree to her tagging along to spy on him throughout the investigation either!

BUT, after much teasing and lots of questions, Charlie DOES agree, much to Amber's amazement.

It's only when she arrives at Ennis' home to tell him the news that she finds out what Charlie's up to and the reason why he's agreed to her 'helping him out' on the case.

Here's a snippet from the page:

“So what happens next? I mean, with the case. Now that we’re working together you’ll keep me informed of our next move won’t you? Let me give you my mobile number.” I dump my bag on the bonnet of the car and ferret around inside for a notepad and pen. Charlie watches me, an amused expression on his face. “I know I have a notepad in here somewhere.” 
“Looks to me as though you’ve got everything but the kitchen sink in there. Why don’t you just tell me your number and I’ll key it straight into my phone?”
Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? We exchange phone numbers.
“So we’ll speak soon?” I say, wanting him to confirm he’ll be in touch.
“We’ll speak soon,” he confirms, flashing me a smile before heading off.


And The Earth Moved
Amber Reed CCIA Mystery Book One

“Romantic comedy meets celebrity murder mystery”

Can a barmaid convince a secret agent she can help him solve a celebrity murder mystery?

A murdered celebrity. A deadline to catch his killer.

One minute you're at work making up horoscopes for the local paper, the next you're teaming up with a sexy secret agent called Charlie and trying to help solve a case for the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency...

Amber’s making up the horoscopes for the local paper and wishing for some excitement in her life when she gets a phone call offering her just that. It could change her life forever and plunge her into a world where she’s quickly (and scarily) out of her depth.

The call? Heartthrob actor Ennis McKarthy, her old uni boyfriend, begs her for a favour. His brother Joel has been found is dead - in very suspicious circumstances.

Desperate to keep the story out of the newspapers and solve the mystery of his brother’s death as fast as possible, Ennis has called in the specialists in the shape of the CCIA. The Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency has just the man for the job – their top agent Charlie Huxton.

But Ennis, stalked by journalists and paparazzi, doesn’t trust a stranger to handle the case on his own and keep quiet about what he might discover so he pleads with Amber, wanting her to shadow Charlie throughout the investigation.

Much to Amber’s surprise Charlie eventually agrees, leaving her wondering why. What’s he up to?

Charlie and Amber delve into Joel’s death and soon have their hands full with questioning potential suspects and the victim’s irate ex-girlfriend. Then they discover they’re battling something far more dangerous than they could ever have expected…and it’s not just their growing attraction for each other.

Maybe Amber’s life is about to get too exciting…

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