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Interview With An Author - KC Cavanaugh

K.C. grew up in a small town in Northeastern PA, USA, she still lives close to her hometown, remaining close with her friends and family. She has been writing since a young age, and always wanted to be a writer. Before now, she focused on poetry and short stories. The Devil Knows is her debut novel, and was written after K.C. found out that a family friend was diagnosed with cancer.
With lots of projects in the works, she is hoping to release her second novel this summer. You can look for her YA apocalyptic trilogy, Eternal Trilogy (with a few additional shorts), and a YA paranormal mystery.
You can see the latest news on K.C. via her Twitter @cavnaugh_kc and like her Facebook page and you can add her as a friend at, or follow her blog at Her official website is

Hi Zanna!   Thanks so much for inviting me to stop by!
Tell us a bit about your writing – How long have you been writing? How many books have you written and in what genres?
The Devil Knows (TDK) is my debut novel, but I’ve been writing since before I can remember. I’ve always been one to wander around with pen and paper in hand, scribbling notes! When I was younger – pre-teen and teens – I started a few short stories, but never finished them. Back then, and up through high school, I was mainly doing poetry.
Despite TDK being my first released novel, it’s not actually the first “completed”! I have Eternal Chance, which is the first in my Eternal trilogy (mature YA paranormal romance), but it’s still going through its re-haul! EC and TDK actually have a character in common! But you’ll have to read TDK and keep an eye out for EC to know who! ;) TDK was a personal project for me, as it was a therapeutic response to finding out a family friend was diagnosed with cancer.
I have loads more in the works, though! Besides the Eternal trilogy (and maybe some shorts... *wink wink*), I have my End of Days YA apocalyptic fantasy trilogy, and Hunting the Hunter (paranormal romance)
When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve always been interested in writing, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually thought about “being” a writer! Hehe. If that makes any sense!
Where is your favourite spot in which to write? Garden? Study? Kitchen table? In bed?
I actually hate writing at home. Mostly because I don’t have a space set aside that is mine for writing! I get too easily distracted! There is actually a restaurant nearby, Panera Bread, that I like to go to relax, get some good food, and write!
How long does it take you to write the first rough draft of one of your books?
This is a more difficult question to answer! I’ve been working on Eternal Chance for almost two years now! The Devil Knows, on the other hand, I had done in a few months! It varies depending on how involved I am in the project (Not that I don’t feel involved with EC! I’m totally invested! But that was a first attempt, and TDK was a project special to me.). Some projects I might not feel so strongly about, so I need to move to something else in order to get the mojo back!
Do you prefer to write with pen and paper or straight to the computer?
I hate to write and then type out! But I’m old school and still love to write with pen and paper.
Do you plan a plot out in great detail before writing or start with the basics and let the book evolve that way?
I hate outlining, so I sort of wing it! Some projects have developed in my head and play like a movie, so that sort of helps, except for the sounding completely mental part! ;)
Do you ever get part way through writing a book and find the characters are leading the story off in a different direction to how you had envisaged?
Yeah, that was sort of my problem with Eternal Chance. I wasn’t sure where it was going after a while. Partly because of my lack of outlining. I had a few ideas I wanted to incorporate, and I wrote bits and pieces and tried to tie everything together. I’m paying for that now!
Who is your favourite character from all the books you have written and why?
Nothing personal, but I hate answering this question! It’s Sebastian, from Eternal Chance! I hate this question only because EC isn’t released and so no one understands!! Once it’s released, I’m sure you’ll be able to deduce why. ;)
 Is there such a thing as an average writing day for you and if so what is it?
Nope. I wish there were. I want a routine, but life is so chaotic, especially with three kids, and a part time job besides writing! I’m hoping one day I don’t have to worry about another job and once all the kids are in school all day, I’ll be able to get into a groove.
I actually bought a planner, in the hopes of being more organized, and to schedule writing time around the kids and work, but it doesn’t work out quite that neatly. L
How do you create the characters in your books?
They create themselves! I’ll be doing something ordinary, like listening to music or cleaning, and they just waltz into my head and introduce themselves!
What is your favourite book of all time?
I don’t really have a favorite book... Some of my favorite authors to read though are Amanda Ashley and Morgan (M.) Kelley!
What is your favourite film of all time?
Another hard one! I’d have to say the 2012 version of Les Miserables. I’m obsessed. I’ve loved that story since I was like 7!
What was your journey to being a published author?
There really was no journey! I had sent out a lot of agent queries, but no bites. My publisher came to me! It all happened so fast, it was like a whirlwind!
Biggest myth about being a novelist?
That it’s easy. If someone tells you being a writer is easy, they are either lying or they are no good! It’s a lot of hard work. I hate editing, so once I get to that point, I have a tendency to drag my feet... lol.
Advice to aspiring novelists?
Keep working on it. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t get discouraged by an inbox full of “no”, all it takes is one “yes” to get you where you want to go!

 About The Book:
            “The Devil Knows” is a paranormal romance-drama. It starts off with Megan learning that her best friend since birth has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Megan’s life is then consumed by the drive to find a way to save Anya. She scours the internet looking for medical answers, as well as those that seem far-fetched and impossible.
            Soon, her computer leads her to the possibility of making a deal with the devil. Megan wonders if it’s even possible for her to give up her soul to save Anya. Not knowing where to begin, she soon discovers clues and signs that seem to be left for her, which leads her to an occult shop where she tries to find some answers.
            But it doesn’t take long for Anya to get worse, as it seems each day her condition deteriorates. Even the doctors are baffled by the progression of the cancer, as it’s much more aggressive than anticipated. During a trip to the emergency room with Anya, Megan meets Dr. Carson who is Anya’s attending physician.
            Quickly a spark between Megan and the doctor ignites, even though there appears to be something that just isn’t right about the emergency room doctor. Besides he treated Anya, so that makes Megan feels weird. Plus there is the fact that she’s been thinking about selling her soul, so a relationship is the last thing on Megan’s mind! But after a few encounters, Megan realizes that Jeremiah Carson may not be exactly who he has portrayed himself to be.
            Who holds the answers to curing Anya? Could Megan really sell her soul when it comes down to it? Only the devil knows…

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