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The One Day Blog Tour With Author Kelly Martin

I want to thank Zanna for having me on her blog today.

I’m doing a one day blog tour for my new book, SAINT SLOAN. I’m on 12 blogs today! (so excited!!) When you’re finished reading this blog, head over to mine ( I have a list of all the blogs I’m visiting today J

So, what is SAINT SLOAN and why should I read it?

I’m so glad you asked. ;)

While running away from a party, Sloan Bridges is found by Aaron Hunter who asks her if she needs a ride home. Sloan is hesitant because she hasn’t seen Aaron in nine years, but he seems relatively sane—and anything is better than going back to that house. With the condition that if her friend, Mackenzie, doesn’t hear from her in two hours the police will be called, Sloan get into the Mustang with Aaron and heads back to Chapel Hill, Tennessee.

Aaron explains that he and his little brother, Ray, moved back a few days before. Ray had been Sloan’s first kiss… regretfully the first of many with lots of different guys. God had changed Sloan’s heart but not her past.

On Monday morning, Sloan gets to school and, as usual, runs into her former best friend, now enemy, Darcy Perry. Up until two months ago, Darcy and Sloan were close, but now Darcy taunts her for the ‘lifestyle choice’ she’s lived since Sloan got saved. Darcy sticks her with the nickname, “Saint Sloan”, which Sloan hates.

In Biology class, Sloan runs into Ray, Aaron’s brother, who is assigned to her as a lab partner. They decide to go to Ray’s house after school to begin working on their project. Sloan finds herself attracted to the blond haired cutie and daydreams about what it would be like to kiss him. He has one word of caution for her: stay away from Aaron. Aaron comes in to grab some supper before going to work third shift. Much to Ray’s dismay, Aaron offers (and Sloan accepts) to drive her home.

Once in her driveway, Sloan tells him goodnight and feels a spark between them. She can’t help wondering what it would be like to date brothers.

With her mom still at work, Sloan starts to get a glass of water when she is attacked from behind. She tries to make him stop, but he just laughs and tells her she deserves this. One last ditch effort to escape lands her unconscious on the floor. When she wakes up, Aaron is standing over her. Sloan can’t imagine that Aaron would hurt her, but she also can’t get the image of him standing over her out of her head.

On Thursday, Darcy isn’t at school which never happens. Even with Darcy absent the taunting doesn’t stop. Sloan is picked on in Biology by  Tanner, resident jerk. Exhausted and overly emotional, she runs from class.

As Sloan rounds the corner of the hall she runs into a very familiar face, and that face turns out to be the man she’s feared since Monday night: her attacker.

They end up at Ray and Aaron’s house and she fights to stay alive. In the end, it’s the attacker who is hurt on the hallway floor, and Sloan freezes in the kitchen doorway, unable to move or respond when EMS comes to help her.


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Author bio:

~Kelly Martin is a best selling author of young adult fiction. She has two books: Grace Award nominee CROSSING THE DEEP and Amazon Best selling in Teen/Religion SAINT SLOAN. She has several short stories published and loves to write ‘twitter fiction’ when she’s bored. Kelly loves God, is addicted to chocolate, and would rather write than sleep.

You can find her on twitter (she tweets a lot): @martieKay

You can find her author page (blog tour central): at

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