Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Book Locations

The place in which a book is set is, I think, a major factor in enjoying a novel. Trends come and go - books set in New York are currently very popular - but we all have our favourite places don't we?

For me it's the Lake District - if I find a book is set in this totally goregous part of the country then I have to read it. Another favourite of mine is Scotland. I also love books set on the coast - and Cornwall is a popular location for books at the moment (see below). A little further afield I admit to a soft spot for books set in glorious rural Ireland too.

So, what are my highly-recommend books set (or partly set) in some of these stunning locations?  Here are just a few:

The Lake District is a great setting for a novel

Lake District
* Decent Exposure by Phillipa Ashley
* Wish You Were Here by Phillipa Ashley
* The Night Before Christmas by Scarlett Bailey

* Swept Off Her Feet by Hester Browne
* The Runaway Actress by Victoria Connelly
* Highland Fling by Katie Fforde

The UK Coast
* The Beach Cafe by Lucy Diamond (set in Cornwall)
* Warning of Gales by Annie Sanders (set in Cornwall)
* Hidden Treasures by Fern Britton ( Cornwall)
*Sheer Mischief by Jill Mansell (Cornwall again)
* Millie's Fling by Jill Mansell (Cornwall)
* The Perfect Hero by Victoria Connelly (Lyme Regis, Dorset)

Rural Ireland
* Breakfast at Darcy's by Ali McNamara
* Spin The Bottle by Monica McInerney
* A Taste For It by Monica McInerney

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