Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Valentine's Day Romance Pre-order Bargain


Harriet’s life is chaotic. 

She’s lucky if she catches a rare glimpse of her husband as they pass in the kitchen, they’re both working so hard. When Ollie had taken over the running of the family business the Country Oaks, a seen-better-days hotel in the picturesque Lake District, it had turned their lives upside down. Now, fighting to keep the place from financial ruin takes all the time and energy they can muster. 

And don’t even get her started on her anxiety-inducing teenage daughter who wants to go to the college Valentine’s Day dance with the local bad boy. 

When Harriet accidentally pokes a handsome stranger in the eye with her umbrella and has to rush him off to get medical help, she finds herself spending more and more time with him. He’s funny, charming and attentive, everything her husband Ollie used to be… and Harriet feels her life starting to spiral even further out of control. 

As the Country Oaks prepares for a hectic Valentine’s weekend, packed with loved-up guests, Harriet and Ollie are forced to face the realities of their life, their marriage and their future together. 

Can they rekindle the romance or has the spark fizzled out and died, never to be lit again? 


You’ll also receive: 
• Four short stories with romance at their heart. 
• Exclusive sneak peek extracts from four romantic comedy novels by Zanna Mackenzie. 
• PLUS – a FREE romantic mystery book! 

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