Friday, 17 July 2015


Out today!!!

Amber's back!

In book 1 Amber met Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency (CCIA) special agent Charlie and helped him catch a killer. In book 2 they tackled their first case working together, tracking down who murdered pop star Flynn Garrison. 

Ever wondered what happened in between books 1 and 2? Well, now you can find out!

On Trial (book 1.5!!!) follows Amber as she undergoes CCIA training and is set a complex mystery to solve....

On Trial - (Amber Reed Mystery Book #1.5)

Standing between Amber and her chance at getting a dream job with the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency (CCIA) is one final challenge, one last assignment.

Her task? 

Whisked away to a luxury hotel where the rich and famous are frequent guests, she has only 24 hours to track down who kidnapped the bride-to-be moments before her celebrity wedding.

The case may be a pretend one, a test of her recently acquired investigative skills, but the stakes are still high.

An exciting new life, career and the chance to work alongside her CCIA special agent boyfriend Charlie are all tantalizingly close…but can she remember everything she’s learnt, manage to keep her head, and solve the case before the deadline?

You can join Amber on another fun filled crime solving adventure by grabbing your copy of On Trial at the special offer limited time launch price of just 99p /99c today on Amazon.

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