Tuesday, 15 July 2014

My Writing Process Blog Hop

I'm thrilled to be invited to take part in the Writing Process Blog Hop....

* What am I working on?
Several books! I'm afraid I'm quite an impatient person at times and end up working on several different projects at once. I'm revamping the first novel I ever wrote (unpublished), I have a full length romantic suspense novel that is about 60% written and I'm working on a series of cosy romantic mysteries too.

* How does my work differ from other genres?
I think every writer has a unique voice. You can read books in the same genre, with a similar premise and even set in a similar location and yet that story is told by each author in a different way, in their own writing style. 

I think plot, characters, setting and author writing style all come together to create something truly unique in a book and, to me, it's that which makes my work differ from others in the same genre.  

To be honest my first three books have all varied slightly in terms of genre anyway - the first (The Love Programme) is a romance set in the Scottish Highlands - bringing together a reality TV show about love, a private country estate and castle in Scotland and a woman being pursued by her ex who won't accept their relationship is over.

My second book (How Do You Spell Love?) combines aspects of magic, love spells, friendship, secrets and romance and there's even a mystery aspect to that story as well. 

My most  recent novel  (If You Only Knew) is more of a contemporary romantic drama with some touches of humour. That book looks at how strongly the past shapes your future and how difficult it can be to let go of that past and allow yourself to move forward in life.

*Why do I write what I write?
Because the ideas pop into my head! I get aspects of books, characters and plots coming into my head seemingly out of nowhere. Sometimes they are inspired by bits I've seen on TV in a programme or movie or bits I've read in a magazine or newspaper. I just love writing and the ideas get developed into plots and eventually into books. 

*How does my writing process work?

Usually I begin with an idea, develop this by writing down plot points until I feel I have enough for the novel, then I spend time on detailed character bios, looking at each character's motivation, why they behave the way they do, their back story,  personality, looks, past relationships etc. 

Then I start to get the plot points in order, develop them each further then I start writing in full. Quite often some scenes will form in my head out of order and I'll write /type them up in a separate document so I can slot them in when I reach that point in the main manuscript writing.

What next ....
To continue the My Writing Process Blog Hop I'm linking to these fellow authors who will also be sharing their own writing process with us all...

Fellow Crooked Cat Publishing Authors -

And a big thank you to the fab author Laura Kenyon for inviting me to take part in the Writing Process Blog Hop - you can read Laura's Writing Process here

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