Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The New LBD

We've all heard of that classic wardrobe staple the little black dress - or the LBD as it is also known!

Well now I've discovered a new 'must have' in my life.

Admittedly I'm coming to it a little later than most who probably first embraced it a few years back.

What am I talking about?

The LPK.... the little purple Kindle!

I was a firm traditionalist when it came to my reading - definitely paperbacks, not ebooks. 

I wanted  a 'proper' book to hold in my hands, a pretty cover to gaze upon and that lovely new book smell to savour.

Then something strange happened - I was tempted to 'the other side'. Irritated by seeing fab books reviewed on book blogs and social media and finding they were only available as ebooks I became frustrated so began to ponder if maybe I should get an ereader.

Eventually, after much debate, I gave in. I, still somewhat reluctantly, purchased a basic Kindle and threw a lovely purple (my favourite colour) cover into the basket as well to try to disguise the Kindle and make it look more book-like!

Back home I read the instructions, plugged it in and soon leapt straight into the world of ebooks. I was convinced it would be a waste of money and I wouldn't take to it. I thought I would only use it for those ebook-only novels and stick with paperbacks for everything else I wanted to read.

Did it work out that way? 

Well, er, no...

Within 24 hours my little purple Kindle was my new best friend, my must-have accessory, always by my side.

I love it. It has transformed not just how I read but what I read as well.

At which point I have a confession to make... since I purchased my LPK three months ago I have not purchased a single paperback.

Guess I'm a fully fledged ebook convert - and that's something I never thought would happen...

LBD - who needs one? I prefer my LPK any day as my must-have!

One of the many great things about Kindle is it gives us the chance to read for free! 

If, like me, you love the chance to sample the work of an author you haven't read before for free then please click here to get my free ebook Telling Tales 


  1. i've blown hot and cold about Kindles for years and as a huge gadget fan its been hard not to get one but like you i love the physical feel of a book. However since i got my iPad mini i have bought quite a lot of e books for it and it is very convenient to read them that way. Being impatient too it beats having to wait for next day delivery. I still dont think i could give up books though and have bought tons of the hard copies lately instead.
    Lovely blog by the way
    Gill x (autumnmiss2011 on Twitter)

  2. Thanks Gill! I too share the impatient gene so in that respect ebooks are great!


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