Thursday, 27 March 2014

On The Road (Again) - Diary Of A Blog Tour


Day 4 of my Blog Tour dawns and... I think we might have taken a wrong turn and got a bit lost in a country lane but, not to worry, we have now 'reached our destination' as the nice SATNAV lady says! We have arrived at Cometbabes Book Blog where my latest novel If You Only Knew (otherwise known as IYOK) has today received a four star review - yay!

Here's a quick catch up of my adventures this week on the IYOK Blog Hop:

Day 1

We grabbed our passports and wizzed across the 'Pond' to visit American book blog Fic Central, where IYOK got a four star review...

Fic Central review snippet:

"If You Only Knew is about a new relationship, about falling in love, and about the scrapes couples go through in finding their happily ever after.  If you like your romantic reading escapes with a nice touch of realism, give it a go."

Read the full review here

Day 2

Back in the UK and we dropped in on M's Bookshelf which dished out a 5 star review for the book:

M's Bookshelf review snippet:

"Faith was perfect as a main character. Kind, sweet, loving, hard working,... and I was really impressed with her patience and how she seemed to know exactly what it was Zane needed from her. It was also nice reading some parts of the story from his point of view: although he stayed a mystery until the very end, you could relate to him just enough to like... and love him."

Read the full review here 

Day 3

Off to All Things Bookie for an interview, firing lots of questions at me such as .....

  • If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take three books with you, what would they be and why?
  • What has been the best part of the writing process…and the worst?
  • Tell us about your travels

Plus the guys Matt and Zane, Faith's love rivals from IYOK, pitched in (knew they couldn't keep quiet for long) by answering some questions themselves and revealing a few secrets along the way...

Read the interview with me, Zane & Matt, plus an extract from IYOK here

Day 4

Today we visited Cometbabes Books who reviewed IYOK and gave it four stars:

Snippet from Cometbabes Books review:

"The book is really well written, exploring the characters range of feelings and showing that you really do have to put your past behind you before you move on to your future."

Read the full review here 

So, what does Day 5 tomorrow bring?

Tomorrow promises to be an exciting and hectic day for us when we will be rushing around all over the place as we're visiting 3 blogs all at once:

  • This Chick Reads
  • A Novel Thought 
  • and, last but not least, Miss Bookworm 

I hope you'll join us! I might even bring some cupcakes along to share....

Zanna and the gang from IYOK (Faith, Zane & Matt)

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