Monday, 9 December 2013

Pretty Notebooks & Researching A Novel

I have a confession to make - I adore pretty notebooks, folders, files and stationery. There, I've admitted it, and the photo above shows just a small selection of my secret stash of notebooks - there's a bit of a theme going on isn't there? Yes, any notebook cover has to have pink in it somewhere!

I don't need much of an excuse to splash out a few pounds on an addition to the collection - anything from a new novel to research, to needing something to inspire me, to the sun is shining!

You can read about one of my other loves - researching a novel  - over on the Romantic Novelist's Association's blog.

PS- right now my novel How Do You Spell Love? is on sale, meaning you can grab an 
ebook for just 77p. 

How Do You Spell Love? by Zanna Mackenzie

Summer is tempted to get involved with Tom; even though he’s still with his childhood sweetheart.

Tom is falling in love with Summer, but there’s something he has to tell her which could end things between them before they even begin.

Kat is trying to forget Nathan and, in architect Alex, she thinks she may have found a man who can help her do just that but then she finds out Alex is keeping secrets.

Alex isn’t looking to get involved, he’s got enough to deal with; adding a relationship to the chaos of his life is asking for trouble but he knows he could be tempted to risk everything for Kat.

The past can haunt you, hurt you, and hold you back as Summer, Tom, Kat and Alex all know only too well. Can they learn to forgive and forget for a chance at future happiness?

Exclusive extract:

“So, how was your weekend with your parents?” Tom asked as he settled into a deckchair, looking every bit at home. Even in a suit.
“It was good,” replied Summer, her back to him as she filled the little kettle from the bottle of mineral water she’d brought with her, searching for matches to light the small bottled gas stove. Now they were both here, alone within the cramped confines of the shed, she felt awkward. What could they talk about? The plants on the plot, yes. Work, possibly. Though, fully aware that there was some conflict potentially brewing on that topic, they usually steered clear of it. Should she tell him that Rob had moved out over the weekend? Should she query why he had been free on the weekend to work on the allotment? Where was Lucy whilst he’d been digging?
She jumped and tried to turn to face him. It was then that she realised he was close. Very close. Standing right behind her in fact.
“Summer,” he repeated.
“Yes,” she just managed to utter.
“Is there anything between us?” For a few seconds he was silent and Summer held her breath. “Or at least the potential for something between us?”
So. The moment of truth. Summer could ignore the fact no more.
Her back still to him, she replied, “Yes, there’s something.” Would now be a good time to admit about Rob leaving? But he was still with Lucy, wasn’t he? If she admitted she was no longer in a relationship but he still was…
Before she could say anything else she felt his arms slip slowly around her waist, she felt him lean in close, a gentle kiss on her neck. Part of her screeched that this wasn’t right – she’d only just split from Rob and hadn’t, for want of a better phrase, yet achieved closure on their relationship. She wasn’t even sure how she felt about him leaving yet. Was she upset? Relieved? A bit of both perhaps?
Tom kissed her again, this time on the opposite side of her neck. The goodie-goodie voice in her head continued to shout, this is wrong, this is wrong. He’s involved. It’s too soon.
She chose to ignore the voice and turned in his arms, meeting his lips, kissing them hungrily. After a few moments he led her across to one of the chairs and gently pulled her down onto his lap.
“There’s something you should know,” Tom said quietly.


How Do You Spell Love? is on sale from now through until Dec 14th – grab your copy for just 77p on:

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