Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Book Spotlight - Capital D by Natasha Johnstone

The Eternal Connections
Capital D Blog Tour stops by today...

Capital D by Natasha Johnstone

Book Synopsis:
Silka Fontein returns to her home town after disappearing 15 years ago, shortly after her graduation party. She reunites with Taber Blake. Taber and Silka grew up together and reconnect after all those years apart. Their unexpected attraction to one another and their will power is tested when a series of events turn their lives upside down.  Her secrets have put her life in danger and his secrets are lethal. Together they face various kinds of threats and danger but in the process discover the truth about each other. Will their chemistry and friendship be enough to sustain them through it all?
Men will love the action adventure and woman the erotic love story based on timeless topics with lots of twists!
Capital Promo:
Capital D is the first book in a series of four books. Only the readers will know what Capital D stands for and why the title is so mysterious. The whole series is suitable for men and women of all ages as well as teenagers. This is the reason each cover was designed to be monochromic and indeterminate. Research showed that women respond to cursive fonts, whilst men responded favourably to the shape of a circle. Both preferred covers with contrasting colours and opted for a cover that was not too busy and provocative.  People of all ages also prefer titles of two to three words over an entire sentence. The design in the whole series does not give the title or the story away and only the reader will know which version they are reading. Never before has a reader received so much power. Only the reader will know the secrets in this story and be entrusted to keep the book title‘s secret.
This action adventure is packed with comedy, suspense, romance and sexual tension with lots of twists and turns along the way. The strong, confident and witty characters are easy to relate to and grab your attention from the start. The plot itself is timeless and will remain relevant for centuries. This is the book to read if you want to lose yourself in a great read.

About Natasha Johnstone:
I consider myself to be a Blogger for life and an Author of life. As a fat teenager my social calendar was fully booked with reading engagements rather than parties and thus my love for the written word was born. Through the years I wrote thousands of novels in my mind because of those awesome years. Then in December 2012 my hectic life was brought to a complete standstill after an operation and so I started writing my stories. Because I come from a very conservative family and I would like my own kids to read the adventure, my book is available in both adult and PG rated versions. I was born on Christmas day and live in South Africa with my husband and children.  Since I work full time and clean, cook, do the laundry and look after my two boys when I get home, my only hobbies are blogging and posting on all my social networks. When I do get time to read I do a bang up job and the same goes for writing. My whole lifestyle including exercising is crammed into as little time as possible. If there is a short cut, I’ll be the first to find it.

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