Thursday, 31 January 2013

Favourites of 2012 - TV Programmes

For weeks now I have been meaning to put together a bit of a favourites list, looking back at 2012; well, I've finally managed it, and  we're still in January (just!) so it's not too late to talk 2012  -is it?

Anyway, here we go with some of my 'top TV finds' of 2012:

Favourite TV Programmes

* The Paradise - a totally wonderful BBC period drama staring the delicious Emun Elliott

* A Town Called Eureka - a US sci fi series packed with humour, drama and a bit of romance

* Once Upon A Time - the amazing US series which takes the old fairy tales and spins them all together with a modern twist - drama, romance and fascinating viewing

* Smash - the US drama based around the production of a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe

* Alphas - a US drama about a team of crime fighting men and women with very special - and unusual - abilities, staring the gorgeous Warren Christie

Tomorrow, I'll do my favourite Top Five Reads of 2012....

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