Monday, 24 August 2015


My romantic comedy cozy mystery has a sparkling new cover!

Here's the previous cover for the book:

Which do you prefer?

If you fancy finding out more about the book I've included info below. The Earth Moved is currently on special offer at just 99p/99c across the Amazon network.

About the book:


Be careful what you wish for - it could land you in BIG trouble!

Barmaid and newspaper admin assistant Amber wishes her life could be more exciting. Her old university boyfriend Ennis is now a movie star living the high life - the highlight of Amber’s day is serving drinks in the village pub.

Then, with one phone call, her world turns upside down. Suddenly she's become an amateur sleuth caught up in the middle of a high-stakes celebrity murder investigation and is facing far more challenges than she could ever have dreamed of – including trying to convince handsome and intriguing special agent Charlie that she can help him catch the killer.

Now, about to uncover what lies, secrets and dangers are lurking in the hills, moors and woods above the village, Amber’s life is going to get too exciting… 

If you'd like to grab your copy of this book on Amazon for just 99p/99c please follow this link to the Amazon store in your country:

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