Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Paranormal Love Wednesdays ~ Love, Magic & Cupcakes


I'm super excited to be taking part in the Paranormal Love Wednesdays Blog Hop with my magic-themed romantic comedy How Do You Spell Love?

Here's my 'about the book' in four paragraphs as per blog hop rules!

How Do You Spell Love? is a combination of things I love and am intrigued by so it was a fun book to write. For starters the novel is set in North Yorkshire, with scenes on the coast and the moors which are among my favourite places to go for a holiday in the UK.  The book follows the lives of Summer and Kat, friends who are keeping secrets from each other, fearing not just the other’s disapproval but also the even bigger mess their lives will become if the truth is ever discovered.  

Summer is a white witch, using magic only for good and, as tradition and the witchcraft code dictates, never for herself, until that is she finds her life spinning out of control, breaks the code and ends up making things go from bad to worse. 

I’m fascinated by crystals, herbs and spells so doing the research for this aspect of the book gave me a  great excuse to delve into learning all about folklore and magic!

How Do You Spell Love? brings together elements of mystery, comedy, romance, friendship, fun and magic with four characters who are desperately trying to figure out what they’re supposed to be doing with their lives.

Want to read a snippet from the book? Fantastic, here we go....

“I remember you saying about it that night I called round to the flat. The spell was to protect Tom?”
Summer nodded. “I haven’t used it yet though. I didn't know whether I should or not. I haven’t used a spell this strong before and I was worried it might be too risky.”
“How do you mean?”
“Well, magic can work in mysterious ways, especially at this kind of strength. It could stop Lucy from doing what she’s doing but what if that happens and he falls back in love with her?” Summer flicked through the notebook and found the relevant page. “I’m being incredibly selfish thinking like that though, aren't I? The most important thing is that if I can help Tom, then I should do it. Whatever the consequences to our relationship. Shouldn't I?”
Kat nodded.
“OK. Let’s do this, then.” Summer checked the notebook and began collecting together the various ingredients.
“How exactly do we do this?”
“Clear a space on the floor. Move the coffee table.” Summer placed a large black square of cloth on the ground. “Black is the colour of protection. Most people associate black with evil but it’s not the case.”
“Can I help with anything?” Kat asked, feeling a bit like a spare part and wanting to try to do her bit in this strange ritual that was about to unfold before her.
Pulling a small bowl from a cupboard, Summer replied, “You can get me some garlic and some dried cloves from the kitchen whilst I sort out the crystals.”
Handing over the requested items, Kat asked, her thoughts turning once again to Alex, “Which crystals would you use for protection, then?”
“Well in this case I’m going with tigers eye for protection,” Summer answered as she gently took crystals and stones from a box. “Plus, for extra strength, I’m adding obsidian which as well as being another protection stone, also deflects negativity.”
Kat watched as Summer blended herbs and essential oils of yarrow and cypress in the bowl, chanting a little rhyme as she did so. “Right, now we need to light a black candle and place it on this special tray in the centre of the cloth.”
“Anything else?”
Reaching for her bag, Summer said, “Yes. I need a photo of Tom.” Pulling a small photo from the inside flap of her purse, Summer set it down on the tray. “The candle needs to cast light across the photo.”
“Right. I've already prepared the main verse to chant. You can help me if you want. With two of us saying it, that should help to boost the spell.”
Five minutes later it was all over. The spell cast but the candle still burning, sending, hopefully, its magical light across to Tom.
Ten minutes after that they’d run out of patience and needed some answers.
“I think it’s time to see if they’re both OK,” Kat said in what she hoped was a calming voice. “Can we call him? Do you have a mobile number for him?”
Summer nodded. “Yes, but I don’t know if I dare use it. What if she hears the phone and checks his messages?”
For a moment there was silence as they both contemplated whether or not to risk sending him a text message.
Eventually Summer said, “We have to, don’t we?” She pulled the phone from the pocket of her jeans and started tapping away. She held the phone up to Kat questioningly, having simply typed, R U OK?
“Right, send it,” Kat nodded.

Summer hit the send button and the little envelope whizzed off on its way. They sat in silence and waited. And waited. And waited.

How Do You Spell Love? is available as a paperback and ebook on Amazon.

P.S. - Wondering what the cupcake connection is? They're a key part of the story, especially for two of the characters who have a bit of a thing for the chocolate versions!

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