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Interview With An Author - Felicia Rogers

Today I'm delighted to welcome fellow Astraea Press author Felicia Rogers to my blog...

Tell us a bit about your writing – How long have you been writing? How many books have you written and in what genres?
I've been writing since 2010. So far I've published eight books all in the clean romance genre. Some of them have contemporary settings while others are historical.

Where is your favourite spot in which to write? Garden? Study? Kitchen table? In bed?
My favourite place to write is at the kitchen table where I have a beautiful view of the mountains and a place to scatter my stuff!

Do you plan a plot out in great detail before writing or start with the basics and let the book evolve that way?
In general I start with a very basic plot, maybe just one thought, and then the story kind of evolves on its own.

Biggest myth about being a novelist?
I think the biggest myth about a novelist is that they make tons of money off of every book sale and that writing the novel is the hardest part. In my opinion writing is the easiest part of the process. Getting noticed, now that is hard. Currently, I spend at least half my writing time with promotional activities.

Advice to aspiring novelists?
Aspiring novelists should be prepared to promote themselves and treat their work like a business. In real estate they say, "Location, location, location", in writing it should be, "Promotion, promotion, promotion".

Book Spotlight

Emerald Street, Wounded Soldiers Series, Book Three

What if one laugh changed your world?

Raylyn Morrison, a critical care nurse for wounded soldiers, has a problem. She cares too much. Dreams haunt her. The death of her patients leaves her distraught and seeking peace. But temporary peace is not enough. She doesn’t want to leave, but she needs to. Then he comes along.

Staff Sergeant Jack Williams understands loss -- physical, emotional, and spiritual. Not only did the war take his leg, but it took his family and his desire to live. But the voice of an angel keeps him going. A voice he dreams about even after he wakes from a coma. Yet when they meet she is nothing like he expected and he wonders if he’s made mistake.

Fate destines them to be together forever, he’s sure of it, but something goes wrong and Raylyn disappears. She leaves a hole that only service can fill.

Chiapas, Mexico, is the perfect setting to forget her loss and work on her future. But when Jack reappears in her life, she worries her heart will break again. But after two years, she should be over him. Right? Do her new fears have a foundation or should she give in and allow herself to love him once more?

While residing in a country with a rich history and a tumultuous future, Jack must convince Raylyn he never stopped loving her…before it is too late.

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“Can I join you?”
She jumped, surprised to hear Jack’s voice. Swallowing, she held out her hand. “Please.”
He took a seat. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”
“I don’t have any food.” Way to go, just blurt out something stupid.
He smiled and played with a folded napkin. “Neither do I. I’ve been eating in some of the restaurants here on the strip. Believe it or not, they have practically anything you might want.”
“I noticed that.”
“Did you order already?” he asked.
“I did.”
“So did I. I asked them to bring it here. That is, if you don’t mind.”
She shook her head. They sat quietly, and she winked and whispered, “Are you going to show me some more of your fancy dance moves?”
He laughed under his breath. “I’m not sure. Would you like me to?”
She smiled. “Only if you’re going to move your hips again.”
He laughed heartily and stood to his feet. She reached for his arm to pull him back down, but he’d already confiscated a rose and placed it in his mouth. The guests clapped as he danced around the room. Did anyone notice the slight hop to his step? The plastic prosthesis peeked out from under the hem of his pants. She looked away and forced herself to watch his happy face. Hands clasped atop the table, she tapped her feet to the music.
A smile widened across her face as Jack drew close and moved his arms like a wave in her direction. She shook her head. No way was he getting her to dance. He bent at the waist, his nose almost touching hers.
“Come on, it’ll be fun.”
Chin lowered to her chest, she tried to avoid his intense stare. The crowd cheered as he enacted fancy footwork before her table in an attempt to get her attention. Heat flushed her cheeks at the thought of his hands guiding her.
He snatched her hand and drew her to her feet. Warmth encased her entire body as he held one of her hands high above their heads and laid the other on her waist. He guided the movement of her hips, and her heart raced. Tingles raced along her spine, and she fought her rising attraction.
Jack held her close and nodded his head for her to take the rose from his teeth. Awkwardly, she complied, and he twirled her out. Her heart hammered so loud in her chest, she couldn’t hear.
He moved his hands to her waist. Others in the crowd stood and followed suit. Soon there was a line rounding the restaurant’s interior. The song ended, and they fell into their seats, laughing.
“You have a beautiful smile, mi tesoro.”
Heat flooded her cheeks. No one had ever called her their treasure. She smoothed a wayward hair behind her ear and prayed for a distraction. Still, her flesh tingled from his touch, and she ached to regain his nearness.


Emerald Street is a contemporary inspirational suspense romance and the sequel to Diamond Mine and Pearl Valley. Want to know what readers are saying about Emerald Street?

“Gripping!! Felicia Rogers does a masterful job of telling a gripping story that is emotionally packed. It gives a realistic perspective on just how prevalent injustice towards Christians exists in parts of the world… You will not put this book down unmoved.” –Yolanda Gamble, reader

“Felicia has once again marvelously brought 2 extremely likable characters to life. The story of Raylyn and Jack seems so real that I couldn't help but laugh, cry, and gasp throughout the book. I loved seeing old favorites again from Diamond Mine (if you haven't read that book it is a must!) and meeting new ones.” –Danielle Williams, reader

Felicia Rogers

Felicia Rogers is an author of multiple novels and novellas. When she's not writing, Felicia volunteers with the Girl Scouts of America, teaches at a local homeschooling group, hikes, and spends time with her family.

To find out more information about Felicia Rogers visit the sites below. She loves hearing from her readers.


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