Monday, 23 June 2014

What Makes A Book A Must Read For You?

OK, I want to ask you to do something for me... go and take a look at your bookshelves (or your Kindle) go on... I'll wait until you get back....

Right, done? Did you notice a theme with the kind of books you read? Is there one particular thing (or even several) which make a fiction book a must read for you?

I have noticed certain words, themes and locations in a book blurb make a book a must buy for me. What are they? Well for me it seems I'm incapable of resisting books which:

* Are set in Ireland. Why? I have no idea! I've never been to
Ireland but I have read lots of books by fabulous Irish authors so maybe that's a factor?

* Involve someone receiving an exciting inheritance - especially if it's an old windswept farmhouse in the wilds of Ireland or Scotland...

* Have snow in them! I'm more of a winter person (log fires, hot mulled wine, cuddling up on the sofa) than a summer person. Mention snow in a book blurb or even worse, have a tempting snowy scene on the cover and I just can't resist buying said book...

* Involve the characters setting up or revamping a business of some kind.

My other favourite themes in novels are:

* Baking and coffee shops
* Science - especially geology, meteorology and astronomy
* Gardening
* First loves coming back and confusing the issue for the book's heroine (or hero!)
* Christmas!!!

What are your favourite themes which make a novel totally irresistible to you?  

I'd love to know...

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