Friday, 27 June 2014

Book Travels

My publisher Crooked Cat have been having a sale this week and to celebrate I've abandoned everything (including the gardening) packed my bags and taken my books on the road- in a cyber sense! 

I've guested at several fab book and author blogs throughout the week with author interviews, character-from-the-book interviews, recipes from my books and much more.

Here's the line up, there's still time to drop by, join in with the topics, leave comments and ideas, try the love spell, the cake recipe etc and say hi!

Friday June 20

Sarcastic Ramblings & Writings - I'm revealing all about traditional herbal uses to attract love and even a lunar love spell to try!

Krysten Lindsay Hager - book spotlight for my novel If You Only Knew

Saturday June 21

There's All This Stuff In My Head - I'm under the author interview spotlight with answers to everything from who is my favourite villain to what got me started writing and even what people might be surprised to know about me...

Monday June 23

British Romance Fiction blog - with a Seduction In The Shed extract from one of my novels - who says sheds can't be sexy? Well Summer and Tom seem to think they are...

Creative Hodgepodge - I'm doing Q&A with the fab author Patty over on her blog

What Makes A Book A Must-Read For You? - I've discovered what things make me click the 'buy' button for a book and am sharing them on this very blog- please share yours too...

Tuesday June 24

Contemporary Fiction Network - Character Corner, Q&As with Faith from my novel If You Only Knew. Faith is finding her life getting increasingly complicated thanks to her first love Matt being back in town - especially as he's the new business partner of her current love interest! 

It's Recipe Time! In my novel If You Only Knew Faith runs a trendy coffee shop and she's sharing the recipe for her love-interest Zane's favourite cake from The Coffee Pot...

Wednesday June 25

Elaine Cantrell Blog -  the lovely author Elaine has a book spotlight for me over on her blog

Thursday June 26

Felicia Rogers blog - an extract from my novel If You Only Knew which begins with the following opening line:

"I guess that's the man you've been waiting for...."

Friday June 27

Melissa S Kaye - book spotlight for my novel How Do You Spell Love?  Escape into a world of magic, romance, secrets and love spells....


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