Thursday, 13 February 2014

#Book Sale - grab an ebook bargain for 99p!!!

My books are on sale if you fancy grabbing yourself an ebook bargain over on Amazon 

About the books.....

If You Only Knew

Is the past about to destroy the future for Faith when she discovers her new love and her first love are in business together?
Faith owns The Coffee Pot in the outdoor adventure sports mecca of Derbyshire’s Peak District. She hasn’t had a man in her life for a while, as she has been too busy serving cakes to weary rock climbers and mountain bikers to find time for the complications of a relationship with the male of the species.

Then Zane and Matt arrive on the scene as the new owners of the Carrdale Adventure Sports Centre.

Dating Zane, she soon discovers he’s not the Mr Perfect she thought he was; and why is he so reluctant to talk about his past?

As for Matt – well, to Faith he isn’t Matt at all because he was a completely different person when he broke her heart all those years ago.

With her new boyfriend and her first love running Carrdale as business partners – Matt out to cause trouble and Zane keeping secrets – Faith struggles to keep the peace between them whilst trying to figure out how she feels about the two men in her life…

How Do You Spell Love?

Best friends Summer and Kat are both keeping secrets. 

Kat is trying to forget the past, forget Nathan and move on with her life.

Summer is fighting to keep things in her life just the way they are with partner Rob. 

Then Kat meets Alex, the most hated guy in town.

And Summer meets Tom, who was plenty of relationship problems of his own.

Is there trouble ahead?

You can’t help who you fall in love with though…. can you?

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